We provide comprehensive intelligent building and energy management solutions.

Our wide array of solutions are designed to drive optimal building operational efficiency through sophisticated technologies, systems integration, and tailored energy services.

Enterprise Technologies & Solutions

We’re changing the world by transforming your operations and business performance. We’re modernizing your buildings with our intelligent solutions and expert services.

Building Controls & Automation

From the smallest unit to the largest systems, and single buildings to multi-site campuses, we make your energy and operational goals achievable.

Energy Cost Management Solutions

We’ve converged our proprietary energy intelligence platform, ControlFreak, with energy markets expertise to provide customized energy cost management solutions that keep you ahead of the game.

Applied HVAC Equipment Expertise

Leading sales engineering company providing intelligent HVAC solutions for both new and existing construction for the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors.

Full HVAC Equipment Service Solutions

We specialize in providing full-service solutions for your mechanical rooms. Solutions include preventative and continuous maintenance, parts, and 7x24x365 service.

Scalable Boiler Equipment Solutions

We’re modernizing buildings across North America. We couple years of industry experience with new-age engineering to design intelligent and scalable boiler solutions.

Industrial Combustion Equipment

For more than 80 years, we have been providing industrial combustion equipment solutions along with unmatched 24×7 service packages.

Commercial & Industrial Generator Solutions

We are a leading commercial/industrial generator solutions provider. Our solutions include equipment sales and full-service programs supported by 24×7 live emergency dispatch and on-call technicians.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security

As Industrial Control System (ICS) environments become more connected, “security by obscurity” is no longer an adequate strategy. Keep your facilities running and people safe through increased visibility and improve real-time situational awareness.

National Engineering & Design-Build Group

We provide a variety of engineering solutions that are designed around your fiduciary interest and how your facilities can best serve your business goals.

Building Controls & Automation

MCInc., specializes in facility automation, with extensive experience in Direct Digital Controls, Energy Management, Fire Alarm, Access Control, CCTV, Lighting Control, HVAC, and industrial process applications.

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